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The Museum (by Jennifer Augustine)

Posted on 21/10/2019 by ttlcic

Once upon a time there was a museum in London.

And every day I went there to see beautiful pieces of art as I was fascinated and attracted to the nature of beauty produced by a famous artist, who I have been inspired by.

Until one day I went to the museum and there was a lecturer. Informing us all about her beautiful art work, she stood very proudly and confident when establishing her spectacular work done.

And because of that I was inspired and strted trying in my art work as I had learned from her.

And because of that I started becoming very successful in my course work and people became attracted to my art work.

Until finally I got an A in my final exam.

And ever since I go to the museum often to listen to lectures.





My Story Project: Furqee’s Life (by Anon)

Posted on 04/07/2018 by ttlcic

Once upon a time I was born into a family and I was the eldest in my family and then I had my brothers and sisters.

And every day I would look after them and help them with their studies.

Teens' Stories

Until one day my parents separated.

And because of that I had to be responsible for my siblings.

And because of that I got into trouble for mistakes they made.

Until finally they both grew up and knew how to be sensible.

And ever since I feel less under pressure because they learn from their mistakes.




My Story Project: G.A.Y. (by Liyah)

Posted on 04/07/2018 by ttlcic

Once upon a time there was a queer girl who hid her sexuality from the world.

And every day she would stay in the closet.

Until one day the closet got claustrophobic.

And because of that she decided to come out.

And because of that she was very happy she could be her true self.

Until finally she became even happier when she met this one special girl.

And ever since she has been gay (happy and gay).







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