Achieving goals is easy...

Plan for the journey, jump over obstacles and problem solve along the way.


Skoory the Squirrel doesn't procrastinate or give up seeking for nuts, say scientists... Squirrels actually plan their journeys and jump over obstacles! In other words, if the prize is a nut, they will find a way to collect it every time.

Because they enjoy working for a goal that makes them happy and they happen to love, squirrels break larger tasks into smaller ones. Such smaller tasks bring one closer to the final goal, and, support the discovery of new and innovative solutions. And, they can plan and make decisions effortlessly!



Researchers found that a combination of adaptive planning behaviours, learning control and reactive stabilizing manoeuvres gives squirrels the ability to recognise their limits. They can learn to adjust their tactics in just a few tries. (Source: "Acrobatic squirrels learn to leap and land on tree branches without falling." Science, 2021; 373 (6555): 697-700.)

They can make incredibly fast decisions when they're on the move. If there are obstacles along the way they do not give up! Instead, they find solutions to problems in order to reach the goals they desire.

How to explore and nurture early awareness of career planning skills for children and young adults? Help them discover what it takes to enter and be successful in a work setting that is fulfilling!


achieving goals is easy


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