TTLCIC - RBKC Project Stories (2017-18)

My Story Project Stories - December 2017



My Story Project: Letter to Rosy (by Amira)

Rosy Rbeca
Ennis, Ireland

22 February 2018

Dear Rosy,

I miss you so much. But, I like it here in Morocco because I go to the beach every day. But I miss you still. I go to the mosque sometimes. I have lots of friends but I still wish you were here. Do you like traveling? Would you like to go to Mororcco?

Remember, when I met you in London you were sightseeing. If you come to visit me here we could go sightseeing together.

Yours sincerely,




My Story Project: My 7-Sentence Story (by Anon)

Once upon a time there was a tree named Dylan.

And every day Dylan grows taller.

Until one day Dylan breaks!

And because of that Dylan grows again.

And because of that Dylan grows to the moon.

Until finally a boy, also named Dylan, cuts the tree.

And ever since Dylan broke again.



My Story Project: My 7-Sentence Story (by Zino)

Once upon a time there was a space door.

And every day it was trying to get to the moon.

Until one day it got to the moon.

And because of that it was powered.

And because of that it was there in a jiffy.

Until finally it got back to earth.

And ever since it was happy.



My Story Project: My 7-Sentence Story (by Sofia)

Once upon a time there was a gentle doctor.

And every day she has a visitor.

Until one day no one wanted her anymore.

And because of that they hugged her.

And because of that they gave her a kiss.

Until finally they always went to the doctor.

And ever since they lived happily ever after in the Crystal Castle.



My Story Project: My 7-Sentence Story (by Lily)

Once upon a time there was a cow and a goat.

And every day they, the farmers, got milk from them and sold it to the market.

Until one day the cow and the goat ran away.

And because of that the farmers couldn’t get milk. They were sad.

And because of that they were looking everywhere in the world. Because the goat and the cow went to the moon and they couldn’t go there, because they were not astronauts.

Until finally the cow and the goat came back because they missed the farm. The farmers found the cow and the goat.

And ever since they lived happily ever after.




My Story Project: My 7-Sentence Story (by Lilly)

Once upon a time a little girl went to the lake to feed the ducks and someone pushed her in the bushes. And it was a monster!

And every day he bit her because he eats everyone around the world.  Bri Bri was the name of the monster.

Until one day the monster went away.

And because of that a magical princess came. She is really good. Her magic is very strong because it is made of metal.

And because of that she became friends with the little girl.

Until finally the little girl’s sister arrived. But, that day someone killed the little princess.

And ever since a fairy called Tinker Bell is protecting the little girl.



My Story Project: My 7-Sentence Story (by Jake)

Once upon a time there was a man called Jack. He was very polite and kind. He was sometimes rude but very strong.

And every day he went to play football in other countries like Germany and Brazil and he went to the gym.

Until one day he was playing football and slide tackled a player. Then he got a red card and complained to the referee and pushed him. When they were fighting the police came and took them both out the stadium.

And because of that he had to go to the police station with the referee. And went to court.

And because of that the police said to them they have to stay in prison for one month.

Until finally he came out of prison and the referee and Jack were friends.

And ever since he would play football kindly and politely. And taught his children and wife how to play football properly.



My Story Project: My 7-Sentence Story (by Jack)

Once upon a time there was a man who was called Jake and he was sometimes nice and sometimes rude.

And every day he would go to the park and play football and play some other games.

Until one day when he got home he had a problem with his finger. All of them were chopped off because he was so mad he wanted to stab the knife on the table. He was so frustrated, he ended up chopping his fingers. ALL TEN FINGERS!

And because of that he decided to have prosthetic fingers.

And because of that he could bend his finger all the way back, play football more skilfully and he wouldn’t have to worry about anything anymore.

Until finally he could climb Mount Everest with no trouble.

And ever since his whole life changed like he was a brand new person.



My Story Project: This Hand (by Eliud)

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This hand loves rugby, driving a car, pushing people to help them also.

This hand hates poop, homework, volcanoes.

And another thing, this hand can play video games, touch the ceiling; also, it can move by doing things.

This hand dreams of racing, skateboarding (to help it balance), and lastly climb over a fence.

Finally this hand remembers to wash his hands, clean the house, drink water every day.



My Story Project: This Hand (by Adriel)

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This hand loves basketball, FIFA 18 and rugby.

This hand hates poo, wee and touching volcanoes.

This hand can write, pick up food and dance.

This hand dreams of a little greenhouse, climbing Mount Everest and reaching high things.

This hand remembers playing FIFA 17, helping people get up and feeding a monkey in Ethiopia.



My Story Project: 7-Sentence Story with Legos (by Sienna Lily)

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Once upon a time there was a ballerina that got locked inside a box.

And every day she practiced ballet.

Until one day she thought that was enough and she tried to escape by doing ballet.

And because of that she got out.

And because of that she went back to her house.

Until finally she quit ballet!

And ever since she quit ballet she’s been thinking of the day she was trapped in a box!




My Story Project: 7-Sentence Story with Legos (by Juno)

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Once upon a time two moles were living on a crocodile. (A mummy and her baby.)

And every day they were going for a walk in the forest.

Until one day a monster arrived and tried to eat the moles.

And because of that the moles got very scared.

And because of that the crocodile got very angry.

Until finally the monster ran away.

And ever since the crocodile and the moles stayed happily together.



My Story Project: 7-Sentence Story with Legos (by Isra)

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Once upon a time there was this intelligent boy, whose name was Jeff.  He knew the words “disingenuous”, “erudite”, “lambast”, “vicissitudes” and “indolent”.

And every day he goes to the library and borrows colossal books to pass his A levels and GCSEs.

Until one day he overslept on his exam and ran rapidly (as fast as the speed of light) and arrived at school at 9:50.

And because of that he won’t be able to do his exam and cannot be able to go to the top universities.

And because of that he disappointed his family’s honour.

Until finally the greatest miracle happened by the teachers’ giving him a chance.

And ever since Jeff always sleeps by the time 6:00 pm and is practicing every day.



My Story Project: 7-Sentence Story with Legos (by Zephy)

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Once upon a time there was a witch who lived in a speed boat. It was in South Africa. I have been there in my dreams. My dream felt real.

And every day she made poisonous food. She was a very good cook. Snow White came to eat this food.

Until one day she made a poisonous apple for her, until she died.

And because of that the prince heard about her. A king told him.

And because of that the prince found her.

Until finally he kissed her on the lips and she became alive again. And they got married.

And ever since they lived happily ever after.



My Story Project: 7-Sentence Story with Legos (by Aaliyah)

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Once upon a time there lived a little girl and she wanted to become a princess. She wanted to grow up and become a mother and do everything by herself.

And every day she would cook. She was taught by her mother.

Until one day she grew old enough to have her own children.

And because of that she bought her children loads of clothes and pajamas and worked every day to make loads of money for her family.

And because of that she had loads of money and became a princess.

Until finally she had a party and invited all her friends and wore her favourite party dress.

And ever since she lived happily ever after.



My Story Project: 7-Sentence Story with Legos (by Anon)

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Once upon a time there was a young girl who lived with her two brothers and mother. Her family struggled to live as her mother didn’t work.

And every day she would take her brothers to school and go to school herself. After school every day she and her brothers would go to her father’s house.

Until one day her father wasn’t home. They had nowhere to go, her mother lived too far.

And because of that they waited. But no one came. It started to get dark. They began to get scared.

And because of that the two little boys started to cry.

Until finally their father appeared.

And ever since … their father cooked them dinner and sat by the fire.




My Story Project: 7-Sentence Story with Legos (by Razan)

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Once upon a time an ogre lived on top of a mountain in the peaky district of Ireland. The ogre was alone and isolated and wanted to make some new friends.

And every day he wanted to speak to the other animals and they were too scared of him.

Until one day the crocodile went to speak with him.

And because of that the ogre was best friends with the croc.

And because of that they would always be kind to each other and share.

And ever since all animals have lived in harmony.



My Story Project: 7-Sentence Story with Legos (by Sofiya)

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Once upon a time there was a girl called Rapunzel and she saw a bad wolf and she screamed “Aaaagh!”

And every day she climbed the stairs and then she ran away from the bad wolf, and then she went to her family.

Until one day she found spiders in her family’s house. She said “Aaaagh!”

And because of that she ran away from the spider.

And because of that she turned into a big giant. (That’s because she had porridge.)

Until finally the big bad wolf decided to go to his family’s house.

And ever since Rapunzel feels better.



My Story Project: 7-Sentence Story with Legos (by Sophie)

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Once upon a time a girl named Mia had a wonderful house and she had lots of hobbies.

And every day she went horse riding with her friends.

Until one day they where reading a scary book and Olivia turned into a zombie. Because the book they were reading can turn people into anything.

And because of that everything turned different. For example, the snow glow had fire in it.

And because of that everything became scary.

Until finally it was just a big dream.

And ever since the friends are happy and they don’t read scary books anymore.



My Story Project: 7-Sentence Story with Legos (by Isabella)

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Once upon a time there was a car.

And every day the car drives up the road.

Until one day the car got stuck in the wet mud.

And because of that none of the children inside the car could go to school.

And because of that there weren’t in children in the class.

Until finally Isabella came to the rescue and got everybody out.

And ever since the car didn’t get stuck in the mud again, and Isabella was a super hero.



My Story Project: 7-Sentence Story with Legos (by Anon)

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Once upon a time four friends located an old game buried in the soil.

And every day all day they played with it.

Until one day they got sucked into the game and had to actually play the game in real life.

And because of that they had to complete each level of the game without dying because it would mean they’d die in real life.

And because of that they were frightened and nervous but had to trust and help each other to complete the game to survive.

Until finally they’d completed the game.

And ever since they cared more about each other and valued each other more.




My Story Project: 7-Sentence Story with Legos (by Zephy)

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Once upon a time there was a castle with a tower where a prince lived.

And every day a witch came and brought him a rose.

Until one day the witch came and turned the prince into a beast because he was very naughty.

And because of that he was being rude to everyone and then he met a girl who became his girlfriend.

And because of that he felt happy and they got married.

Until finally he turned back into a prince.

And ever since they lived happily ever after.



My Story Project: In Search of the Magic Ring (by Ammie)

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My name is Ammie. I live near the harbour and my family told me that there is a magic ring, which can grant any wish you want; however, it was inside the terrifying monster’s cave.

I set off down to the deep dark forest where all the beasts live. My body shivered as I stepped. The moonlight rose. That was just in time because I found a cottage, which was nice and cosy. The next day I put on my warm clothes and crossed the red river by a tree branch.

Finally, I reached the mighty mountains. There was still a long way to go, therefore, I walked one more time. Walking through the steep mountains, I used my skis to get down. I was here, I was at the cave! Were there monsters there? I don’t think so. Anyway, I had found it, the ring.



My Story Project: The Soul Stirring Lego Temple (by Iman)

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To begin with it’s an idol which is called Athens, after the Greek Capital of Greece. Next: it had a magical legend and one of the most famous history behind it. Then: one day, he went to the UK and accidentally found out that he was illegal because no temples were allowed in the UK. After that he had to be sent to jail, otherwise he’ll be executed/ beheaded. Finally: the colour of him was metallic, so he could blend in the walls so he could escape. (This is a story really important for people who lack being creative.) Now, in this period, he’s only known for being an idol, though there’s far more history behind it.



My Story Project: 7-Sentence Story with Legos (by Eliud)

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Once upon a time there was a robot and he was called Megarobot.

And every day he kept on messing things with his magic strong powers which destroy everything.

Until one day he destroyed a house because he was angry and what made him angry were his friends because they were bullying him because they weren’t his friends anymore but he didn’t know they weren’t his friends any more.

And because of that he decided he was going to destroy the city when he grows up and he was training when he was little.

And because of that the robot would feel worse and he would stamp his feet really loud because he’s frustrated.

Until finally when he saw the dead people he felt sorry and he got told off by Mr Botrobot and Mrs Botrobot.

And ever since he was good and he decided to stick posted notes around the city which said sorry.




My Story Project: 7-Sentence Story with Legos (by Adriel)

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Once upon a time there was a robot and he was called Robotic Bob and lived on the moon.

And every day he went to New york so he could save people’s lives and he gave people rides to make children happy.

Until one day a fire appeared in a house and he was giving one child a ride then the boy came to the emergency with him and said “water”; so he put the fire out. Then, when a whole crowd were watching him put out the fire, the crowd clapped their hands.

And because of that the boy and Robotic then felt happy; then ate fish and chips, afterwards they went to fight other crimes and took the person that was in the fire to the hospital.

And because of that Robotic asked “What’s your name?” and the boy said “Jake”, then Robotic gave Jake a bag because they rescued together; Robotic also got given powers and was so happy.

Until finally they then use their powers to make a tower to find emergency quicker to come and the next day Jake turned 18 he had a job to work with Robotic.

And ever since then they have a tower to fight crime. And can turn into a ship!!!!!!!



My Story Project: In Search of the Magic Ring (by Adriel)

I woke up in the morning, then I was really bored. So, I wanted to go somewhere. Then, I asked my parents if there is such a thing as a magic ring because at school my teacher told me about the magic ring; then, my parents said ‘yes’. I asked my mum if I can go, so, me, my dad and mum went.

I took one of the boats from the harbour  to cross to the other side. By the time I reached the other side I saw a big village and there were very nice villagers and they helped me and my family find a house and had to sleep for two whole days. In the morning a lady went around houses for breakfast. I asked for coco pops and my dad and mum wanted butter on toast.

I got ready to go. I got packed and said ‘bye’ and left. Then, we were climbing up the mountain; then, we saw a polar bear; he was very nice and he even gave us a ride up the mountain. We reached the cave: there was the ring! The cave was very smelly; we grabbed the magic ring. I chose a wish to go home and at school I told all my friends, teachers and class about it.



My Story Project: In Search of the Magic Ring (by Eliud)

I was in a village where I saw villagers planting crops and the villagers were very nice. I wanted to search for the magic ring because it can teleport you. Another thing it can do is it makes you taller and makes you stronger.

I crossed the red river where there were lots of boats and birds. I decided to take a boat to the Mighty Mountains. I used skis to go down and to go up I used climbing shoes. When I reached the Monster Cave, I saw a huge gigantic monster with green slime, sharp pointy hungry looking teeth and with very sharp claws.

I went under his legs to go out through the exit; there was too much snow to go down, so we used sleighs and before I knew it, I was standing next to the magic ring. Then, when I touched it, I teleported to a deep dark forest.




My Story Project: Victoire’s 7- Sentence Story

Once upon a time there was a hamster that had four brothers and two sisters and his name was Roger.

And every day he would play with his favourite game ‘dominoes’ when one day the sidekick of the evil lizard caught him with a net and laughed. Then the evil lizard appeared.

Roger felt that he was caught and shouted,

“Let me go!”

“Never!” Shouted the lizard.

Now you’ve got a week to get me treasure and if you don’t by the end of the week I will feed you to my sidekick!”

And because of that Roger decided that on the first day of getting treasure he would escape. Meanwhile everyone was worried because Roger had disappeared for two days.

They felt a rumbling and out appeared Roger! Everyone was so happy to see him that they squeezed him!

And ever since he would stay close to his brothers and sisters!



My Story Project: Ridwenah’s 7- Sentence Story

Once upon a time there was a girl named Atlanta who was very swift footed and very pretty.

And every day she went hunting but she didn’t notice two pairs of eyes watching her all the time.

Until one day she had to get food by hunting all day to prepare for a family festival.

And because of that she wasn’t paying attention to the eyes which belonged to a witch.

Until finally the witch took her heart and made Atlanta ugly.

And ever since she is known to be the heartless girl.



My Story Project: Iman’s Magic Carpet Story

My magic carpet is a glistening, purple mat which is beautifully designed to fly up into the sky and to surf across the oceans and seas and also to shine in the sun. It leaves a glittery trail when it flies.

I will go to see the famous city of Dubai, where my uncle lives. I would like to go sight-seeing to spot the breath-taking views of nature.

Next I’ll see my loving auntie to go shopping, to play with and to have fun with. And, if they have a garden, I can play out there all day.

Then I’ll travel to my dad’s country, Sudan, where I can meet my grandma, aunties, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews.

Afterwards I’ll have a lot of fun and games and have a few sleep overs.

Last of all I’ll say goodbye to my family and go back to my far way home, London.



My Story Project: Sumayyah’s Magic Carpet Story

My magic carpet is scarlet; it has black detailed patterns, which are endless, and it even has a seat belt. Usually magic carpets don’t have them. It’s so unique.

I will go to see Spain. I’ve heard loads of amazing things about it. Like the sun. It is as bright as thousands of fire balls. Also I would like to see my friend Jana and go to the beach with her.

Next I’ll see America. I would like to learn their accent because I don’t know how they speak and to see Donald Trump.

Then I’ll travel to Holland Park on Halloween so that I could get many treats from Simon Cowell.  Then I’ll share sweets with my friends.

Afterwards I’ll go to the Amazon forest. It is so adventurous and there are lots of treasures to find.

Last of all I would like to go to Ethiopia to see my grandma and spend time with her.




My Story Project: Eden and T.J’s 7- Sentence Story

Once upon a time there was a bumblebee who saved everyone’s lives.

And every day she went to the DC Superhero Academy.

Until one day there was a terrible crisis.

And because of that the whole of the DC superhero team had to team up to save the day.

And because of that even Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy had to help.

Until finally the case was over.



My Story Project: The Missing Elephant (by Sumayyah)

Once upon a time there was a 39 year old elephant called Elliy who used to live in Asia, which was very hot, but now he was abducted by Chessington Zoo, which he did not like.

And every day there were always lots of visitors but there was one group of visitors, who were very fond of Elliy.

Until one day they asked the manager to take him back home to Africa.

And because of that he shouted, ‘No!’ and he kept guard of Elliy so they couldn’t steal him.

And because of that they stole him in the middle of the night and took it to Africa without the manager seeing.

Until finally the manager called the detective and found the missing Elliy in Africa and brought him back to Chessington Zoo.

And ever since that day the manager always looked after Elliy and put CCTV cameras in his pen.



My Story Project: The Colourful War (by Jacqueline)

Once upon a time there lived a monkey called Mr Colourful and he lived in Colourful Land, which was very delicious.

And every day he swung from vine to vine and while they swung from vine to vine they felt really hungry so they found some colourful bananas, which were very rare, and they ate them.

Until one day the black and white monkeys started a war against the colourful monkeys because they wanted to know which colour was better.

And because of that they didn’t know the answer was in the colourful library.  They were busy fighting. Many monkeys got killed in this horrible war.

And because of that they kept on fighting for weeks, months and even years.

Until finally someone went looking in the colourful library and found the answer and the colourful monkey who was the leader of Colourful Land, Mr Colourful, jumped up and down in excitement and told them the answer was Colourful Land.

And ever since Black and White Land didn’t really exist anymore, nobody ever came there again.



My Story Project: Once Upon A Time (by Asma)

Once upon a time, there was a little dragon. It was a girl dragon. And she was in the garden. The dragon was sleeping every single day. And then, one day she woke up. And then she went on a venture. And she went back to sleep. She had a dream. In her dream there was her and a little monster. Then she woke up again. She opened her eyes and went back to sleep. She was always sleeping. The mother dragon was always crying because her daughter was always sleeping. She was always saying to her daughter, “Wake up, please!” She was ignoring her.

Then her mum was shouting at her because she was getting angry. When she got even angrier she turned into a monster. Her face turned green and she had long hair but it was a little spikey. She poked the little dragon and she woke up and the mother became normal again. The little dragon did not remember anything so she said, “What’s happening?” The mother said nothing. Because she was shy.

But the little dragon was really brave. She actually wanted her mother to be good and to be a good dragon. So, she used her good powers. She had a good, a bad and a sadness power; that means she could make others get happy and make everyone be good. The little dragon and the mother had a party. They were eating cake and had balloons and invited everyone in town. She made everyone in town become dragons too so they would not be scared.




My Story Project: The Race (by Mohamed)

Once there was snow all over the capital city called London in 2012. THERE WAS SNOW EVERYWHERE!!!!! We only cope with London staying at home or driving in the car. The snow was everywhere, what a misery! There was a spider, a snake and a snail, who lived in London. They wanted to know who was the king of snow. It was very early in the morning when they held a race in their home, an adventure centre in West London. I was having my winter holiday. I found out about it because I went to the adventure centre.  Even though it was cold and snowing my mum said okay because I had finished my homework. I got there at seven o’clock and my friend was having breakfast. I had brought sandwiches because I did not have the money for buying breakfast.  Afterwards my friend and I went to our favourite hiding place, behind the slide. That was when we found them fighting.

It was snowing hard.  I meant it. It was really snowing hard but when the snow touched the slide it melted.  So the slide was wet and slippery.  That was when I heard them arguing.

They all were having a big argument about who was the king of running in snow. I said, ‘have a race.’ The race started at the top of the slide but the snake slept, and the spider died so the snail won. The spider died because it broke its leg and got squashed up and died because he couldn’t control himself.  Then the snake slithered and slept under a rock because it was cold.  And the snail celebrated with another slide down again.



My Story Project: Nearly the End of the World (by Alexandre)

One Sunday morning, I woke up in my bed and slowly turned around to look at the window.

Guess what I saw?

I saw a group of aliens with a big metal thing about two metres long. It had a lot of sharp edges, and looked dangerous!

I slowly and quietly crept outside the house, and hid in a bush for about five minutes until something very strange happened.

A man walked into the bushes to give the aliens a sheet of paper. I could only read the first sentence.

It said:

‘We drop it on 5th December.’

The words were repeating in my head over and over again.

At lunchtime, I was very quiet. My family asked me if anything was wrong, and I said:

“Nothing is wrong.”

After lunch, I rushed back to my room.

I then realised that the aliens were going to destroy Planet Earth! I immediately called the police.

Two days later, a big army was assembled and sent on rockets to destroy alien troops and stop the Earth’s death!



My Story Project: Sumayyah’s 7- Sentence Story

Once upon a time there was a girl who received a present on her birthday. This was a magical cookbook, which had a fairy that helped make the recipes.

And every day they would cook amazing foods for the family.

Until one day the fairy went missing. Therefore the investigator searched for the fairy.

And because of that the poor girl was extremely upset so she gave up baking.

Until finally the investigator found the missing property and the robber was thrown in jail.

And ever since that day they kept the fairy in a safe place at night.



My Story Project: The Squirrel and the Owl (by Mohamed)

Once upon a time there was a clever owl and a squirrel.

And every day they played chess at night.

Until one day the squirrel lost his friendship with the owl because the squirrel wanted to be better at chess than him.

And because of that the squirrel was sad.  So, he could not be friends with the owl any more.

And because of that he lied and said he never wanted to be friends with the owl.  So, he moved away.

Until finally he got so sad remembering his friend that he went back and apologized.

And ever since they would never fight or be mean to each other and were best friends.




My Story Project: The Village and the Towers (by Asma)

Once upon a time, there were three towers in a village. They were called Jackson (the small one), Leila (the middle one) and Lick-Lick (the tallest one).

And, one day, it was the tallest tower’s birthday. The people in the village pretended that they didn’t know that it was the tallest tower’s birthday.

And then, the people shouted “Happy birthday.” And the tower said, “Why are you shouting ‘happy birthday’? It was just a joke.”

The next day, it was actually the tallest tower’s birthday. He shouted, “It’s my birthday!” but the people in the village did not believe him. The people in the village said, “We’re not celebrating your birthday.”

But then, the people in the village said, “It was just a joke – of course we will celebrate with you!”

Then, the tallest tower was upset and went to his bedroom, closed the door and didn’t open the door for a whole month. And then the people in the village were all sorry.

And then the tallest tower turned into a little child because his brother Jackson and sister Leila were getting angry and said that they never wanted to see him again.

Then, the tallest tower was friends again with his brother and sister. Then they were really big and they went to a different place and their parents were crying because they went to a different place.

Then they came back to visit on an aeroplane, and the Mum and Dad were hugging everyone, even the children.

Then they went back and put on a big show which was so loud that it woke the neighbours up. Then the police came, so they said sorry. When they said sorry, the police let them go. The police told them not to be so loud when they were playing music, they said okay and then they went back home.



My Story Project: Jojo’s Story (by Tota)

Once upon a time, there was five Youtubers living in America. Their names were: Matty B., Jojo, Kadrina, Ronald, Adam Saleh. They lived in a big castle and they thought that they should do some challenges.  There were ten challenges and they were ‘Poophead,’ ‘Dunkhead,’ ‘Guessing Guitar Game,’ ‘Gummy versus Real Food,’ ‘Brother and Sister Reality,’ ‘Pringles versus Real Food,’ and more.

Their first challenge… *DRUMROLL* was ‘Guessing Guitar Game.’

The partners for the challenge were Matty B. And Jojo in one team and Kadrina and Ronald in the one team, Adam Saleh was the mediator.

In order to participate in the game they had to play the guitar and the opponent had to hum the remainder of the song.

However, they needed to buy a guitar. So they all went to buy a guitar and then travelled together to Paris to play the game. Last but not least they all learned how to play the guitar.



My Story Project: The Girls’ Gang (by Matab)

Once upon a time, there was a big girl gang in America. And every day, they committed crimes, because their families taught them how to be mischievous and not to be kind.  Until one day, they were caught by a policewoman. And because of that, they learned not to commit crimes anymore. This is because they realised that it is better to be kind and helpful than to be a mischievous criminal. Until finally, all of the girls in the gang decided to be police women, and they joined the same police force as the policewoman who had arrested them. And ever since, every member of the girl gang has been solving lots of crimes and catching lots of criminals all over the world.



My Story Project: A blessing or a Curse (by Ahmed)

Once upon a time, there was a boy destined to struggle: he had ambitions that were so great that they made him feel so small. With his celestial blue eyes, his mop of brown hair and athletic frame, Agon emitted an aura of power and control… but it was only a façade. He was entrapped in a mental state of impotence: his school work and social life became sources of worry and stress.

And every day, this cycle of negativity only became more unbearable. This led to long nights of constantly pushing himself to his limits; he would always endeavour to swim faster, punch quicker and jump higher. His physical activities were merely a vain attempt to escape his mental struggle. The vastness and number of the problems he felt he faced brought to mind the Hydra of Greek mythology. It was an infamous creature that seemed to be omnipotent with several heads that would re-grow and multiply if they were cut off. With every trial that he perceived to have overcome, it only brought more anguish and confusion.

Until one day, this confusion progressed into a maelstrom of anxiety, agony, and stasis. Through his fierce desire of independence, he accelerated his own downfall – his greatest strength resulted in his greatest weakness. After years of persevering in his athletic career to defeat his demons, he failed. His sporting dreams shattered along with his fractured elbow.  As soon as he combatted one of his obstacles, it only multiplied the strength of the beast within him, thwarting his ambitions.

And because of that, he pushed aside the innate impulse of independence that threatened to dominate him. He accepted the help of others – his family.




My Story Project: A Delicious Pizza (By Joey)

It was just getting dark when two boys spotted a strange pizzeria.

“Let’s go get some pizza,” said one of the boys.

“Hello,” said the boy.

Nobody answered but a robotic bear was walking towards them,

“What’s your order?”

“I would like pepperoni and pineapple on my pizza, Sir.”

And the second boy said,

“I would just like plain margarita please.”

The bear gives them the pizzas and they give the money to the bear. The boys finish up their pizzas.

“That pizza was delicious,” the boys said.

“Thanks,” said the bear.

Both of the boys had a lovely first night at the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria.

The two boys planned to go inside the pizzeria at 3.00 AM the next time. The reason why they thought of this was because they wanted to see what would happen.



My Story Project: The Eagle’s Maltball (By Kalifah)

It was a very boring, ordinary day. We sat in the scrapheap of what we called an office. We only had £2.37 and three tablespoons of instant coffee to last us the weekend. Tim once had to find a rich lady’s Siamese cat but he had managed to run over it on the way.

The second case had been a case between two very close friends who were actually pretty happy until he came along.

There hadn’t been a third case.

Tim had been training at the Hendon police force until they had got rid of him.

I wasn’t supposed to be here, I was supposed to be in Australia with my mum and dad. The furthest I got to was Heathrow, where I got off the back exit of the plane at the last minute. I was told my mum had hysterics but there was nothing she could do at 35,000 feet above me. Then I ran back to Fulham where Tim was and we argued until he caved in. That was one thing we had in common. We didn’t get on with our parents. Oh yeah and we didn’t get on with each other. We’d got a bit of loose change.  We went to Cineworld to watch X-Men Apocalypse. When we got back we had to make our beds. And I’m not just talking duvet and sheets. In the morning we found a letter and a postcard from mum. The letter was a big piece of paper but a small message.


Trafalgar Square

1:00 pm

The Fat Man

“Who the hell is the Fat Man?” I asked.

“The Fat Man,” Tim repeated.

His face had gone pale and his mouth was hanging as wide as a pencil. The Fat Man was just the beginning, there were many more problems to face …



My Story Project: Asma’s 7- Sentence Story

Once upon a time Princess Lucy cleaned her room in the castle.

And every day her friends have to do what she says and they talk to her.

Until one day her friends never went home.

And because of that she asked them nicely to leave but she lost her patience.

And because of that the friends were too scared to speak to her.

Until finally the friends shouted at the chef for not caring. And then they went home and the princess started to cry.




My Story Project: Katie and London (by Rumaysa)

Once upon a time, there lived a girl called Katie. She lived in Wandsworth with her brother Tim and Grandmother. She was normally bored. Nearly every day, she thought of visiting London.

She went downstairs to her Grandma.

“Can we go to London and visit and see precious things please?” asked Katie politely.

“We can’t go when your brother Tim might knock something over,” replied Grandmother, still staring at her newspaper.

Every minute, she asked if she could go to London, until one night, her Grandma said something that made Katie very excited.

“Tomorrow, early in the morning, all three of us will go to London!” exclaimed Katie’s grandmother.

“Thank you so much!” Katie replied, with tears of joy.

Then she quickly hurried upstairs and was soon asleep. She dreamed about going to see such precious things.

Time went by quickly, and it soon was morning. She got dressed and ready.

The next thing she knew, she was out and about.

Then they reached Buckingham Palace, and saw a golden statue of a lion. Grandma said: “I am going to have a nap.”

As soon as she fell asleep, there was a mad panic, and the lion jumped out from his position and was licking his lips …

But he turned out to be kind, and he showed Katie and her brother around London.

Grandma then woke up, and they went home.

The END.



My Story Project: Aisha’s 7-Sentence Story

Once upon a time a princess was born, she had growing hair.

And every day she went to explore the world to make new friends, and she never knew she had powers to rule the kingdom.

Until one day she went to the best forest to pick blueberries that had magical powers.

And because of that she ate it and inside of her she felt funny. There was a wicked witch, she had a crystal ball and saw her power that was making crystal hearts and some other stuff.

And because of that she was really cross and jealous.

Until finally she had an idea to make a potion to take away her powers.

And ever since she hadn’t tried to trick the princess because the princess was too clever.



My Story Project: Clara’s 7-Sentence Story

Once upon a time there was a cat, who was a magic cat called Clara.

And every day she had to go to a concert and show what she could do.

Until one day she went to a different concert and there was only one person.

And because of that the cat had to leave.

And because of that the concert was cancelled, but the cat used her magic to organise a new concert. She sold lots of tickets. The concert hall was full of people.

Until finally the concert was a big success.

And ever since the cat has been training to become a musician.






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