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My Story Project Library - May 2018



My Story Project: My 7-Sentence Story (by Jeff)


Once upon a time a Hover car crashes through a door and goes inside the garage. The car is named Harry.

And every day he likes to crash everywhere because he thinks it fun.

Until one day a child went past Harry and he accidentally hit him! The boy ended up in hospital.

And because of that Harry felt disappointed. Then suddenly the police came and Harry ran away and crashed into the police.

And because of that the police went to the hospital and then Harry crashed into the doctors and nurses.

Until finally Harry crashed into the wall and hurt himself.

And ever since Harry got better and stops crashing into people.



My Story Project: The Monster (by The Monster Story Writer)


Once upon a time there was a monster.

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And every day he went for a jog.

Until one day a dog said “A nice, yummy stick to eat” and he ate the monster.

And because of that the monster thought he was a stick.

And because of that the monster said “When are you going to throw me one?”

Until finally the dog said “Never ever, ever.”

And ever since he stayed in the dog’s tummy.



My Story Project: Time Machine to London Fire (by Amira)


Dear Diary,

Today I went to Simon’s house and he had a time machine which you go inside and you can take photos.

When I went inside it took me to the Great Fire of London.

And the people were all going to camp. They were playing a game with the fire when they arrived in the forest. When they were playing, the fire got bigger and bigger.

The fire spread very quickly, until it reached the Tower of London. I took lots of photos to show my best friend in Ireland what happened in England.

There were lots of people screaming “FIRE! FIRE!” They looked scared.

I felt so hot and got burned from the fire.

I had a bag with me that had bat wings in, I put them on and flew over the fire.

I got back to the time machine and went back home.






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