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My Story Project Library - June 2018



My Story Project: The Haunt (by John Spier)


Once upon a time there was a poor boy.

And every day he was suffering for food as he was running further from a house which was haunted.

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Until one day the ghost returned to him.

And because of that he had to run even faster and suffered even harder.

And because of that he was close to a DEAD end.

Until finally he fought his way through back home.

And ever since he lived happily ever after.



My Story Project: The Bird House (by Je-Nane)


Once upon a time there was a bird called Floppy. Floppy and his friend Cheepy lived together in a bird house. They would do everything together: play, dance, sing and lots more all day.

And every day they would play, dance and sing; all day in the bird house.

Until one day, while they were asleep, the bird house started to wobble and every time they moved it would wobble a bit more. Later that evening the bird house collapsed and causing Floppy and Cheepy to need to find a new home.

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And because of that Floppy and Cheepy had to search high and low to find a new home. At last they found a tree where they met some squirrels. “Can we live in your tree?” said Floppy. But, the squirrels carried on searching for food.

And because of that Floppy and Cheepy had to search again to find a new home. At last, they found an ant digging. “Can we live in your tree?” said Cheepy, but the ant kept digging. They searched the whole forest again but still didn’t find anything.

Until finally they realised why the birdhouse dropped. “We were dancing too much!” said Cheepy. Floppy agreed. Then they went to their house and fixed it with the help of some other birds and the squirrels. They were happy to be back to their home.

And ever since the bird house collapsed, they have learnt to ask their friends for help instead of doing it alone, and that they shouldn’t dance too much.




My Story Project: The Scary Monster (by Jessica)


To begin with there was a monster called Tiger Lily. She was so hairy and scary. But, she is more friendly than not friendly.

Next, she was walking in St Mark’s Park, and she saw her friend, Tuffnut being bullied by a boy called Geoffrey.

Then she went up to Geoffrey and said, “Don’t bully my friend.” But the bully didn’t listen.

After that she started not being friendly to him and telling him off.

Finally, she went home; there was a boy who was just like her and Tiger Lily thought about how he was like her.

They got married.

Finally, Tiger Lily and the boy went to the bully’s Mum and told her to ground the bully. And she did.

Now when she saw someone bullying her friends, she would just tell an adult.






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