Lego Stories at North Kensington Library

Lego Stories at North Kensington Library

 North Kensington Library

Date & Time:  3rd Monday each month 15:30 to 17:30

 You do not need to book, just come along.

For 2 - 16 year olds.

Parents and carers help 2 - 5 year olds to write their stories.

 Talk Together London - Tel: 020 7101 4428


Lego Stories at North Kensington Library

Is your child enjoying learning?

It is good fun for young writers to tell their stories using legos or modelling clay at first. We call it 'Creative Play Story Writing' or "Story Writing with Play'!

Then, they can focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar and appreciate the importance of literacy skills more.

You can find more information on combining creative play and writing skills from Cambridge University research. The process helps improve literacy and helps students in their exams.

Young writers participating in our project use 7-sentence story templates to draft and publish their stories. Parents, carers and family members attending with the children and young people help them make Lego creations and write their stories. The 7-sentence structure guides the writing process, to inspire an amazing story in a short time:

Max 20 minutes to complete a short story!

1   Make something with Lego (or modelling clay)  -  7 mins

2   Describe it -  3 mins

3   Complete 7 sentences  -  7 mins

4   Have FREE help writing your story

5   Parents/Carers confirm their permission  -  3 mins

Result  =  1 good short story in 20 minutes + 1 happy published writer!

Watch a project video!



Students can take care of spelling and grammar more easily after they finish writing their stories - not before! This way they don't have to begin writing with the worry that they may fail in their writing skills.

You may read the stories published in the Story Library for free.

Please note that to attend the after school workshops at Canalside House on Wednesday afternoons, online registration and advance booking are advised. Please Get in Touch to register and book a place.



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