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The objective of Squirrels are going NUTS is not just fun and entertainment, although we’d be happy if people have as much enjoyment as we do watching our mascot Skoory the squirrel go nuts in the game.

In a nutshell

Squirrels are going nuts is a brick blasting, block busting, tile breaking 2D action adventure game, featuring Skoory.

Skoory's exploding nuts!


Drop bombs, blow up blocks and battle enemies in this grid based nut frenzy. Use the power-ups at your disposal to clear your way to victory.


  • Precise and responsive controls, it is a grid based game after all.
  • 28 level Campaign mode, including 21 procedurally generated levels and 7 unique Boss battles.
  • 4 Player local multiplayer, complete the campaign in Co-op or battle in the PvP Arena.
  • Steam Remote Play Together with up to 3 friends over the internet.
  • Endless level mode is available after completing the main campaign.
  • Unique enemies, some with fiendishly difficult intelligence to keep you on your toes.
  • Power-ups including a flame gun, timed explosives, homing missiles and more.
  • Steam stats, Achievements and Leaderboards.
  • Pixel art graphics and a cool soundtrack.

Squirrels are going NUTS is a grid based action adventure game made by us at TTLCIC and available for you to play in 2022.


Squirrels are going NUTS! game


Computational thinking

One of the empowering aspects of computer games is that people are not limited to being passive users of technology; instead, they experience the creative aspects of computer science and become inspired to find out more.

Computational thinking is a way of solving problems and designing systems. Kids can understand key mathematical concepts and learn about basic computational skills by playing games. Then, they may create their own original games, stories, art, music, and more.

To live in today's world, everyone needs to understand not only how to effectively use computers and technology, but also understand how computational thinking works in practical terms. Computer science is changing our lives.

Computer games can introduce the benefits of computation to people and display the significance of computational thinking in a fun and entertaining context.  Computation is becoming an essential skill for teachers, entrepreneurs, and artists of the future, as well as scientists and engineers.




Computer science explores computational thinking and studies algorithms. What is an algorithm? An algorithm is a procedure for solving a problem in finite number of steps, or, a step-by-step method for accomplishing a task. Cooking, sewing, making origami can all be spelled out as tasks involving algorithms.

Here is a short algorithm of seven steps for making a paper squirrel; just follow the instructions to have your squirrel ready in hand at the end of the process:


Squirrels are going nuts - paper origami

If you like origami squirrels, you will love observing how squirrels are motivated to work towards their goals, to solve problems connected with getting what they need and want, and to persevere until they are successful! Just watch this amazing documentary Archived Squeak the Squirrel

Squirrels can learn to solve problems connected with getting food. They are considered to be "somewhat of a working class hero" who, in spite of obstacles, always persevere.

Flexibility and persistence in goal achievement are two values to learn from the humble squirrel!

Origami squirrel

Very easy paper origami squirrel: 

Step 1: Start with a square piece of origami paper. If you only have regular A4 paper, make a square sheet. You can also use colorful printable origami paper.

Step 2: Fold paper in half by folding the top corner to the bottom corner.

Step 3: Let's make a line in the center. Fold in half again by folding left corner to right corner, then unfold.

Step 4: Fold the left and right triangle edges toward the center, but not all the way to the center.

Step 5: Turn the figure over and draw on the face.

Step 6: Fold over the tip of the squirrel's nose.

Step 7: Unfold the end of the squirrel’s nose and push the tip back, folding it in between the two sides of the squirrel’s head.

Problem solving and computers

Computational thinking is a fundamental skill for everyone and most people are not aware of it. Before a problem can be dealt with, the problem itself and the ways in which it may be solved must be understood. These solutions can then be presented in a way that a computer, a human, or both can understand.

In other words, computers can be used to help solve problems. Computational thinking shows us how to tackle a problem, understand what the problem is and develop possible solutions. And, playing computer games is an enjoyable way of learning about computational thinking.

(Part two:  Squirrels are going NUTS - fun, educational adventure games)


Squirrels are going NUTS - game by TTLCIC

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