Solutions for Working without Wi-Fi

Solutions for Working without Wi-Fi

Many of the venues where our team offer outreach services provide free Wi-Fi. But, there are one or two places where it is not possible to access the internet with our laptops: for example, delivering an outreach after school club in a basement. Under such circumstances the resources and services that we can offer are pretty limited.

As a solution we started using a WD 4 TB Elements Portable Hard Drive. It is something we would recommend to everyone who needs to be able to work on the internet when Wi-Fi access is not available. We purchased a second one and have been using these for over five years.

This palm sized external drive can literally go into a pocket. It is a fantastic external drive. The design is very neat and it fits out of sight on a desk or table. It is durable, compact, lightweight and easy to carry and has lots of storage space for all of our documents, images and files.

WD Elements is pre-configured for usage on a Windows PC. Mac users need to re-format the drive to either EXFAT or HSF+J (for using it with Time Machine).It is really easy to use and set up.

It is very reliable. It allows us to expand the resources and services we can offer. The USB 3.0 connection means that data transfer is quick and when we are trasferring films or music we do not get any buffering. It has the biggest capacity we have seen for a fully portable drive and is easy to use. So, our team is very happy to recommend this to anyone.

TTLCIC - After School Club Outreach

After school outreach in the basement

At the end of story writing sessions families enjoy relaxing by doing something different. So, we take one or two colouring books to every event and share the pages among the participants. Our team recommend these for relaxation. Parents and carers benefit from this activity, too.

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