Activity Testimonials

Happy parents and carers say

(Event Reactionnaire)

"Great opportunity to be more creative."

"I liked building the Lego and writing about it because it is a creative way to find your imagination because the story could be about anything."

"Enjoyed making a mess!"

"It is very interesting & encourages Jasper's imagination. Thanks."

"I like all activities. It's very interesting."

"Great activity to be involved in. The children were focused and worked together really well. Can't wait for the next event. (Smiling emoji)"





Event Reactionnaire - continued

The library is always welcoming us with lots of activities and a great smiley staff.

Really good, because can be a struggle as I have 4 children.

Great initiative.

Very good!

It is really interesting. I like it very much. Thank you.

The kids had great fun and were happy to make Lego stories in the library.

Nice and engaging activity for kids. Like story writing bit so much.

Very nice initiative!

It was great time and activity!

Very nice, our son enjoyed playing and write a short story about it.

Love these activities.

Nice activities!

I liked it.

So very inspiring and helpful in meeting other Italian speakers

Perfect activity to learn more English, grammar and to improve the imagination.

Nice way to spend the afternoon thank you.

Lovely hour - thank you so much!

It is really fun for everyone. It is a great way to socialize and build on your creativity let alone imagination.

Very nice activity; great interaction from staff.

Very funny!

Great experience and use of Lego to get creative.

Really fun and sweet session

It was a very nice activity, run by very nice people


Very interesting.

Excellent activity

Very nice initiative!

Thank you, it was fun.

Great initiative! Great organisation!

Activity was good fun. Kids enjoyed it very much. Really good activity for kids, definitely recommend it.

Great group!

Well enthusiastic for kids, good motivation for the brain and good relation with other kids.

This actually is very good for her imagination.

Great club! George loves it and always asks to go!

Such a lovely environmental for the kids to play in and develop fine motor skills and story telling skills.

I like it.

We really enjoyed this session. Thanks!

We had a good time and Daphne enjoyed it. Thank you!

I liked the activity, Theodore same. We would like to come again. The volunteer was really nice and friendly with us.

Great space to play, and for me to play with them. Lovely template for the stories to get their imaginations on paper.

Fantastic opportunity to play and learn.

Julie was a breath of fresh air. She helped me see things differently in such a short space of time. I have taken away information on how I can support my child.

I enjoyed writing my story and would like to come again.

Anabel enjoyed making the Lego and writing her story. She got so much help on her story the way she can understand. It was a very good way of interacting and we enjoyed it.

Thank you for sharing your storytelling skills!

Lovely place. The kids enjoyed every moment.

Very nice, kind service.

I enjoyed it.

Blake has gone on a hunt for all of the red Lego that he can find. He is really enjoying himself.

Fun, entertaining, encourages imagination

Very attentive moderator. Fun and engaging activity as an exercise in storytelling.

The Lego club is an original idea, well done!

I very much appreciate this step and I believe it helps kids so much.

Love it here! Great idea [heart emoji]



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